• Cotton Rugs

  • Poly Propylene Mat

  • Coir Moulded mat (Rubber Moulded mat): A creel type coir mat is embedded within a rubber mould to form designs. The mats come are vulcanized and come out cured and fully finished. A variety of patterns are available in standard sizes. They are 40cms x 60cms, 40cms x 70cms and 45cms x 75cms.
  • Coir Wire-brush mat: Attractive and durable, it collects the dust beneath, good for entrances and easy to clean. Available in rectangular and half round sizes. Sizes available in 40cms x 60cms 45cms x 75cms and 50cms x 80cms.
  • PVC Tufted Coir mat: The most popular and contemporary coir doormat, which has come to the forefront in doormats due to its mechanised manufacture and its ease of cutting to different sizes. With a solid Vinyl base and coir yarn tufted to form even brush; the mat is very durable. Available in various thickness and in a variety of sizes. It can be cut to half rounds or shaped mats. Doormats are either in natural colour or bleached. The printed designs on mats make them very popular. They are also best suited for runners and hence they are also sold as, natural rolls in lengths of 10 or 12 metres. The maximum width is restricted to 2 metres.